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Fleets for the Future Announces Zenith Motors Electric Vehicle Procurement Opportunities Nationwide in October through National Joint Powers Alliance

F4F-LogoIn partnership with National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA), Fleets for the Future (F4F) is offering the complete line of Zenith Motors’ 100% electric vehicles through our national procurement program. For a limited time from October 1 – 31, 2017, Zenith Motors will be providing a discount through NJPA and F4F – the more vehicles that are ordered through F4F, the larger the discount.

Zenith’s discounted vehicles include electric-powered shuttle vans, cargo vans, and step vans, with up to 7% off NJPA’s members-only pricing. You can see the details of their complete line of electric vehicles here. These discounts will only be available October 1 – 31, 2017.

“Our electric-powered vehicles help in the reduction of carbon emissions and reduce our customer’s fleet operational cost,” says Christine Smith, Zenith Motors Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Zenith Motors decreases the overall cost of van ownership by $100,000 over the life of the vehicle through eliminating the cost of gasoline, reducing the maintenance cost and maximizing the up-time between scheduled maintenance.”

Joining NJPA is free and easy to do online and will grant you access to the exclusive pricing and vehicle solutions offered from Zenith Motors. By joining today, you can ensure your fleet is ready to purchase these electric vehicles during the October window. You will also be able to access more vehicle and related infrastructure options as new opportunities and vendors continue to join NJPA through the Fleets for the Future effort.

For more information and updates on our national procurement initiative, please visit the F4F website – Visit or follow us on Twitter: @Fleets4Future. You can also visit the F4F page on the NJPA website to find out more about the partnership, types of vehicles available through the initiative, and participating vendors.

Fleets for the Future (F4F) is a national partnership of regional councils of government, Clean Cities coalitions, and industry experts tasked with coordinating five regional and one national procurement initiative designed to consolidate bulk orders of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure. Through these procurement initiatives, F4F will reduce incremental costs and disseminate best practices on application, usage, and procurement strategies for the selected vehicles and related infrastructure.

Project Contact: Sarah Reed
Phone: (202) 618-5695

Zenith Motors Contact: Christine Smith
Phone: 800-630-9833