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Zenith Motors Electric Shuttle & Cargo Vans are now eligible for up to $46,884 incentives under Drive Clean Chicago Truck Voucher Program

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Zenith Motors Electric Shuttle & Cargo Vans are now eligible for up to $46,884 incentives under Drive Clean Chicago Truck Voucher Program

Wilder, KY, December 9, 2014: Zenith Motors LLC, an Alternative Fuel Conversion Manufacturer, has announced today the Zenith Electric Vans are now eligible for the Drive Clean Truck program in Chicago, IL. This voucher program is designed to encourage fleet owners to shift from diesel dependent fleets to zero-emission commercial vehicles.
Fleet owners that operate Class 2 to Class 8 vehicles in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake & Will, and McHenry counties can apply for funding to purchase an all-electric Zenith Shuttle or Cargo Van. Drive Clean Truck voucher will offset the purchase price up to $46,884*. With the voucher, the Zenith Electric Cargo & Shuttle Vans are now competitive priced compared to traditional gasoline powered vehicles. After Chicago’s Truck Voucher and Federal Tax Incentive of $7,500, the Zenith Electric Shuttle Van can be purchased for $39,400. For more information on Zenith Motors eligible vehicles please visit Drive Clean Chicago web page,
“We are extremely pleased to be working with CALStart and the Drive Clean Chicago Partners to be able to offer our Chicago fleet owners a zero emission shuttle or cargo van that is competitively priced and less expensive to operate than gasoline powered vehicles.” said William Yung, CEO of Zenith Motors LLC.
The Zenith Electric Shuttle and Cargo Vans are 100% electric. These electric vans can travel up to 60 miles per hour with a range from 90- 120 miles per charge (depending on the battery options chosen). The van can fully charge in 6.5 hours; an upgraded on board battery charger can reduce this time to 4 hours. The shuttle van seats up to 11 passengers, while the cargo van sports a payload capacity of 3,000lbs. Zenith Electric vans are saving fleet operators an estimated $100,000 over 300,000 miles.
About Zenith Motors
Zenith Motors LLC is a Wilder KY manufacturer of electric shuttle and cargo vans. Zenith Motors is proactively helping companies reduce their fleet operating costs by eliminating the cost of gasoline, reducing the maintenance costs and maximizing the up-time between scheduled maintenance. In addition to reducing fleet costs, Zenith’s customers create a healthier community by driving electric shuttle vans that help in the reduction of carbon emissions and noise pollution. Please visit or contact us at 800-630-9833 for more information.

*$46,884 is for Cargo Van purchases. Alternative product incentives are available. Please contact Zenith Motors for Drive Clean Chicago Voucher requirements.